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In the Winter it is more important than ever to make certain that your vehicle is safe and in good running order. The winter months are hard on any model of car and basic safety checks will ensure that the car is best prepared for the worst that Winter can throw at it.

Battery Checks

Lights, heaters and wipers put high demands on the car battery.
If your driving is mainly dark rush-hour trips, the battery will give out eventually; if it isn't maintained & checked properly
We offer a full battery check to assess for damage or drainage that can lead to a faulty battery.


Antifreeze costs only a few pounds, but a frozen and cracked engine block will cost hundreds of pounds to repair.
We can check your antifreeze free of charge to ensure your vehicle can cope when the temperatures fall below zero degrees.
Without the right mix of antifreeze and water severe engine damage costing hundreds of pounds can occur.

Call in today and we can check your car whilst you wait.

Here's a few helpful tips to get you through the winter months:

Avoid running electrical systems any longer than necessary – turn the heater fan down and switch the heated rear window off once windows are clear.

Turn off non-essential electrical loads like lights, rear screen heater and wipers before trying to start the engine.

Fuel – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.

Tyres should have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. Consider winter tyres for improved safety. Check pressures at least every fortnight.

Windscreen – reduce dazzle from the low sun by keeping the screen clean inside and out. Now is a good time to renew worn wiper blades.

Screen wash – use a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather.